API Design for C++ by Martin Ry

API Design for C++

API Design for C++ Martin Ry ebook
ISBN: 0123850037, 9780123850034
Format: pdf
Page: 446
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann

Log in · Home · Archive · Contact · Feed Subscribe; Filter by APML. With that in mind, she could design her API like so: Tags: api, api-design, javascript . A very tight API has very few public methods and extensibility points, where a very loose API exposes everything and allows everything to be extended. Compare this to what you can do with C++ mixins, there's a lot more to it than just delegating interface members to other objects. Api Design Principles An updated version of the old Qt Quarterly article Designing Qt-Style C++ APIs from the first paragraph: "This document tries to summarize the know-how we've accumulated on designing Qt-style APIs. Published at Wed, 19 Mar 2008 06:45:43 GMT. Coming from an c++/C# background, this is more my style of development. Public class Customers : Versioned { }. Based on hearsay, Qt is quite complicated and hackish inside, but what it presents to the outside is pure delight in terms of API design. Now we have the same API for the simple (and invasive) scenario, but with minimal effort, we have made it possible to use non invasive and smart approaches. Sue is designing a JavaScript library, Magician.js. << TiltEffect for Windows 8 Metro XAML | Creating a DirectX XAML control using C++/CX >> So over time, I have built myself a couple of mantras when I work on an API, and it generally is about how 'tight' or 'loose' you design your API. This page should be helpful for everyone who is interested in using C++ in scientific computation, especially on large projects. Somewhat later I had the pleasant experience of writing C++ code with Qt. (1) Patch-based pipeline design (C++-API or easy-to-use XML editor) and plug-in system to extend available tools with new function (2) Parallel and synchronized processing from multiple sensor devices, e.g.

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